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Leverage mobile video
as part of your business plan.

Why Video?

Online video should be an essential element of your digital marketing strategy. But do you have what it takes to plan, create and publish online video effectively? Our one-day workshop has helped dozens of Fortune 1000 companies to embrace this new medium with confidence.



You'll learn:

  • The key elements of storytelling
  • Script basics and when to skip the script
  • What equipment you need to get started and how much it'll cost
  • Cameras, files & formats: What path makes the most sense for you?
  • The production practices survival guide: Camera height, framing, & environment
  • Sequencing and mastering ways to avoid the "talking head" video
  • How to shoot an interview (it's not as straightforward as you think)
  • How to set up 3-point (or interview)
  • The best way to shoot when you can't use external lighting
  • Why sound is so important and how you
    can make yours better
  • Editing basics and the importance of b-roll
  • Social media distribution and syndication
    in a changing media landscape
  • How to get the most out of your YouTube channel
  • Adding mobile video to your marketing mix
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How can you frame your video to
create a great looking shot? Discover a few fundamental techniques for creating video that tells a compelling story. From framing, to headroom to look-room, this video is a quick sampler on creating a video that guides your audience through your story.

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Drew Keller is an award-winning television producer, editor, developer and educator. His production experience

ranges from international documentaries to prime time specials; community events to

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Paolo Tosolini is an          Enterprise Social Video consultant helping organizations embrace social media, online

video and mobility as parts of their internal communications and knowledge-sharing.

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Engage with your audience by showing them the benefits of your products and services



Use video to empower consumers in
their research process and drive sales



Enhance your digital footprint by making video part of your marketing mix



Workshop attendee, Stockholm, Sweden

This was the best training I have been to in a long while and the great part was that I could
see how I can apply a lot of this immediately both at work and
even in my personal life.

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Workshop attendee, Brussels, Belgium

Great way to work together as a team while learning great things
applicable for our job.

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Workshop attendee, Chicago

The workshop was even better than I anticipated! I learned more in this 1-day
seminar than I've learned in some 2-day seminars.
The wealth of information was fantastic!

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Workshop attendee, New York

Drew and Paolo did a great job of putting together an informative
hands-on workshop that not only left me inspired and excited to go back to
work, but also left me thirsting for more. In all, I feel like I am
now even better equipped to create meaningful video content
for my organization.

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Workshop attendee, Washington DC

Drew and Paolo both knew the material well and are master presenters.
They kept the day lively and interesting and the hands-on exercises were
fun and instructive.

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Workshop attendee, Kelowna, BC

We had a great time. The subject matter could very well have gotten
pretty dry in the wrong hands but Drew and Paolo kept everyone
engaged from beginning to end of a long day.

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Workshop attendee, Washington DC

It was great! Whether you were a beginning or an
experienced videographer, this workshop improved your skills.

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